Forex EA Programmer

Runtime error Codes

Code ID Description
0 ERR_NO_ERROR No error returned
1 ERR_NO_RESULT No error returned, but the result is unknown
2 ERR_COMMON_ERROR Common error
3 ERR_INVALID_TRADE_PARAMETERS Invalid trade parameters
4 ERR_SERVER_BUSY Trade server is busy
5 ERR_OLD_VERSION Old version of the client terminal
6 ERR_NO_CONNECTION No connection with trade server
7 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_RIGHTS Not enough rights
8 ERR_TOO_FREQUENT_REQUESTS Too frequent requests
9 ERR_MALFUNCTIONAL_TRADE Malfunctional trade operation
64 ERR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED Account disabled
65 ERR_INVALID_ACCOUNT Invalid account
128 ERR_TRADE_TIMEOUT Trade timeout
129 ERR_INVALID_PRICE Invalid price
130 ERR_INVALID_STOPS Invalid stops
131 ERR_INVALID_TRADE_VOLUME Invalid trade volume
132 ERR_MARKET_CLOSED Market is closed
133 ERR_TRADE_DISABLED Trade is disabled
134 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_MONEY Not enough money
135 ERR_PRICE_CHANGED Price changed
136 ERR_OFF_QUOTES Off quotes
137 ERR_BROKER_BUSY Broker is busy
138 ERR_REQUOTE Re quote
139 ERR_ORDER_LOCKED Order is locked
140 ERR_LONG_POSITIONS_ONLY_ALLOWED Buy orders only allowed
141 ERR_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS Too many requests
145 ERR_TRADE_MODIFY_DENIED Modification denied because order is too close to market
146 ERR_TRADE_CONTEXT_BUSY Trade context is busy
147 ERR_TRADE_EXPIRATION_DENIED Expiration are denied by broker
148 ERR_TRADE_TOO_MANY_ORDERS The amount of open and pending orders has reached the limit set by the broker
149 ERR_TRADE_HEDGE_PROHIBITED An attempt to open an order opposite to the existing one when hedging is disabled
150 ERR_TRADE_PROHIBITED_BY_FIFO An attempt to close an order contravening the FIFO rule
4000 ERR_NO_MQLERROR No error returned
4001 ERR_WRONG_FUNCTION_POINTER Wrong function pointer
4002 ERR_ARRAY_INDEX_OUT_OF_RANGE Array index is out of range
4003 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_CALL_STACK No memory for function call stack
4004 ERR_RECURSIVE_STACK_OVERFLOW Recursive stack overflow
4005 ERR_NOT_ENOUGH_STACK_FOR_PARAM Not enough stack for parameter
4006 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_PARAM_STRING No memory for parameter string
4007 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_TEMP_STRING No memory for temp string
4008 ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED_STRING Not initialized string
4009 ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED_ARRAYSTRING Not initialized string in array
4010 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_ARRAYSTRING No memory for array string
4011 ERR_TOO_LONG_STRING Too long string
4012 ERR_REMAINDER_FROM_ZERO_DIVIDE Remainder from zero divide
4013 ERR_ZERO_DIVIDE Zero divide
4014 ERR_UNKNOWN_COMMAND Unknown command
4015 ERR_WRONG_JUMP Wrong jump (never generated error)
4016 ERR_NOT_INITIALIZED_ARRAY Not initialized array
4017 ERR_DLL_CALLS_NOT_ALLOWED DLL calls are not allowed
4018 ERR_CANNOT_LOAD_LIBRARY Cannot load library
4019 ERR_CANNOT_CALL_FUNCTION Cannot call function
4020 ERR_EXTERNAL_CALLS_NOT_ALLOWED Expert function calls are not allowed
4021 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_RETURNED_STR Not enough memory for temp string returned from function
4022 ERR_SYSTEM_BUSY System is busy (never generated error)
4023 ERR_DLLFUNC_CRITICALERROR DLL-function call critical error
4024 ERR_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal error
4025 ERR_OUT_OF_MEMORY Out of memory
4026 ERR_INVALID_POINTER Invalid pointer
4027 ERR_FORMAT_TOO_MANY_FORMATTERS Too many formatters in the format function
4028 ERR_FORMAT_TOO_MANY_PARAMETERS Parameters count exceeds formatters count
4029 ERR_ARRAY_INVALID Invalid array
4030 ERR_CHART_NOREPLY No reply from chart
4050 ERR_INVALID_FUNCTION_PARAMSCNT Invalid function parameters count
4051 ERR_INVALID_FUNCTION_PARAMVALUE Invalid function parameter value
4052 ERR_STRING_FUNCTION_INTERNAL String function internal error
4053 ERR_SOME_ARRAY_ERROR Some array error
4054 ERR_INCORRECT_SERIESARRAY_USING Incorrect series array using
4055 ERR_CUSTOM_INDICATOR_ERROR Custom indicator error
4056 ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_ARRAYS Arrays are incompatible
4057 ERR_GLOBAL_VARIABLES_PROCESSING Global variables processing error
4058 ERR_GLOBAL_VARIABLE_NOT_FOUND Global variable not found
4059 ERR_FUNC_NOT_ALLOWED_IN_TESTING Function is not allowed in testing mode
4060 ERR_FUNCTION_NOT_CONFIRMED Function is not allowed for call
4061 ERR_SEND_MAIL_ERROR Send mail error
4062 ERR_STRING_PARAMETER_EXPECTED String parameter expected
4063 ERR_INTEGER_PARAMETER_EXPECTED Integer parameter expected
4064 ERR_DOUBLE_PARAMETER_EXPECTED Double parameter expected
4065 ERR_ARRAY_AS_PARAMETER_EXPECTED Array as parameter expected
4066 ERR_HISTORY_WILL_UPDATED Requested history data is in updating state
4067 ERR_TRADE_ERROR Internal trade error
4068 ERR_RESOURCE_NOT_FOUND Resource not found
4069 ERR_RESOURCE_NOT_SUPPORTED Resource not supported
4070 ERR_RESOURCE_DUPLICATED Duplicate resource
4071 ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_INIT Custom indicator cannot initialize
4072 ERR_INDICATOR_CANNOT_LOAD Cannot load custom indicator
4073 ERR_NO_HISTORY_DATA No history data
4074 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_HISTORY No memory for history data
4075 ERR_NO_MEMORY_FOR_INDICATOR Not enough memory for indicator calculation
4099 ERR_END_OF_FILE End of file
4100 ERR_SOME_FILE_ERROR Some file error
4101 ERR_WRONG_FILE_NAME Wrong file name
4102 ERR_TOO_MANY_OPENED_FILES Too many opened files
4103 ERR_CANNOT_OPEN_FILE Cannot open file
4104 ERR_INCOMPATIBLE_FILEACCESS Incompatible access to a file
4105 ERR_NO_ORDER_SELECTED No order selected
4106 ERR_UNKNOWN_SYMBOL Unknown symbol
4107 ERR_INVALID_PRICE_PARAM Invalid price
4108 ERR_INVALID_TICKET Invalid ticket
4109 ERR_TRADE_NOT_ALLOWED Trade is not allowed. Enable checkbox “Allow live trading” in the Expert Advisor properties
4110 ERR_LONGS_NOT_ALLOWED Longs are not allowed. Check the Expert Advisor properties
4111 ERR_SHORTS_NOT_ALLOWED Shorts are not allowed. Check the Expert Advisor properties
4112 ERR_TRADE_EXPERT_DISABLED_BY_SERVER Automated trading by Expert Advisors/Scripts disabled by trade server
4200 ERR_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS Object already exists
4201 ERR_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_PROPERTY Unknown object property
4202 ERR_OBJECT_DOES_NOT_EXIST Object does not exist
4203 ERR_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_TYPE Unknown object type
4204 ERR_NO_OBJECT_NAME No object name
4205 ERR_OBJECT_COORDINATES_ERROR Object coordinates error
4206 ERR_NO_SPECIFIED_SUBWINDOW No specified subwindow
4207 ERR_SOME_OBJECT_ERROR Graphical object error
4210 ERR_CHART_PROP_INVALID Unknown chart property
4211 ERR_CHART_NOT_FOUND Chart not found
4212 ERR_CHARTWINDOW_NOT_FOUND Chart subwindow not found
4213 ERR_CHARTINDICATOR_NOT_FOUND Chart indicator not found
4220 ERR_SYMBOL_SELECT Symbol select error
4250 ERR_NOTIFICATION_ERROR Notification error
4251 ERR_NOTIFICATION_PARAMETER Notification parameter error
4252 ERR_NOTIFICATION_SETTINGS Notifications disabled
4253 ERR_NOTIFICATION_TOO_FREQUENT Notification send too frequent
4260 ERR_FTP_NOSERVER FTP server is not specified
4261 ERR_FTP_NOLOGIN FTP login is not specified
4262 ERR_FTP_CONNECT_FAILED FTP connection failed
4263 ERR_FTP_CLOSED FTP connection closed
4264 ERR_FTP_CHANGEDIR FTP path not found on server
4265 ERR_FTP_FILE_ERROR File not found in the MQL4\Files directory to send on FTP server
4266 ERR_FTP_ERROR Common error during FTP data transmission
5001 ERR_FILE_TOO_MANY_OPENED Too many opened files
5002 ERR_FILE_WRONG_FILENAME Wrong file name
5003 ERR_FILE_TOO_LONG_FILENAME Too long file name
5004 ERR_FILE_CANNOT_OPEN Cannot open file
5005 ERR_FILE_BUFFER_ALLOCATION_ERROR Text file buffer allocation error
5006 ERR_FILE_CANNOT_DELETE Cannot delete file
5007 ERR_FILE_INVALID_HANDLE Invalid file handle (file closed or was not opened)
5008 ERR_FILE_WRONG_HANDLE Wrong file handle (handle index is out of handle table)
5009 ERR_FILE_NOT_TOWRITE File must be opened with FILE_WRITE flag
5010 ERR_FILE_NOT_TOREAD File must be opened with FILE_READ flag
5011 ERR_FILE_NOT_BIN File must be opened with FILE_BIN flag
5012 ERR_FILE_NOT_TXT File must be opened with FILE_TXT flag
5013 ERR_FILE_NOT_TXTORCSV File must be opened with FILE_TXT or FILE_CSV flag
5014 ERR_FILE_NOT_CSV File must be opened with FILE_CSV flag
5015 ERR_FILE_READ_ERROR File read error
5016 ERR_FILE_WRITE_ERROR File write error
5017 ERR_FILE_BIN_STRINGSIZE String size must be specified for binary file
5018 ERR_FILE_INCOMPATIBLE Incompatible file (for string arrays-TXT, for others-BIN)
5019 ERR_FILE_IS_DIRECTORY File is directory not file
5020 ERR_FILE_NOT_EXIST File does not exist
5021 ERR_FILE_CANNOT_REWRITE File cannot be rewritten
5022 ERR_FILE_WRONG_DIRECTORYNAME Wrong directory name
5023 ERR_FILE_DIRECTORY_NOT_EXIST Directory does not exist
5024 ERR_FILE_NOT_DIRECTORY Specified file is not directory
5025 ERR_FILE_CANNOT_DELETE_DIRECTORY Cannot delete directory
5026 ERR_FILE_CANNOT_CLEAN_DIRECTORY Cannot clean directory
5027 ERR_FILE_ARRAYRESIZE_ERROR Array resize error
5028 ERR_FILE_STRINGRESIZE_ERROR String resize error
5029 ERR_FILE_STRUCT_WITH_OBJECTS Structure contains strings or dynamic arrays
5201 ERR_WEBREQUEST_CONNECT_FAILED Failed to connect to specified URL
5202 ERR_WEBREQUEST_TIMEOUT Timeout exceeded
  User errors  
65536 ERR_USER_ERROR_FIRST User defined errors start with this code