Forex EA Programmer

Compilation Errors

Code Description
100 File reading error
101 Error of opening an *. EX4 for writing
103 Not enough free memory to complete compilation
104 Empty syntactic unit unrecognized by compiler
105 Incorrect file name in #include
106 Error accessing a file in #include (probably the file does not exist)
108 Inappropriate name for #define
109 Unknown command of preprocessor (valid #include, #define, #property, #import)
110 Symbol unknown to compiler
111 Function not implemented (description is present, but no body)
112 Double quote (“) omitted
113 Opening angle bracket (<) or double quote (“) omitted
114 Single quote (‘) omitted
115 Closing angle bracket “>” omitted
116 Type not specified in declaration
117 No return operator or return is found not in all branches of the implementation
118 Opening bracket of call parameters was expected
119 Error writing EX4
120 Invalid access to an array
121 The function is not of void type and the return operator must return a value
122 Incorrect declaration of the destructor
123 Colon “:” is missing
124 Variable is already declared
125 Variable with such identifier already declared
126 Variable name is too long (> 250 characters)
127 Structure with such identifier already defined
128 Structure is not defined
129 Structure member with the same name already defined
130 No such structure member
131 Breached pairing of brackets
132 Opening parenthesis “(” expected
133 Unbalanced braces (no “}”)
134 Difficult to compile (too much branching, internal stack levels are overfilled)
135 Error of file opening for reading
136 Not enough memory to download the source file into memory
137 Variable is expected
138 Reference cannot be initialized
140 Assignment expected (appears at declaration)
141 Opening brace “{” expected
142 Parameter can be a dynamic array only
143 Use of “void” type is unacceptable
144 No pair for “)” or “]”, i.e. “(or” [ ” is absent
145 No pair for “(or” [ “, i.e. “) “or”] ” is absent
146 Incorrect array size
147 Too many parameters (> 64)
149 This token is not expected here
150 Invalid use of operation (invalid operands)
151 Expression of void type not allowed
152 Operator is expected
153 Misuse of break
154 Semicolon “;” expected
155 Comma “,” expected
156 Must be a class type, not struct
157 Expression is expected
158 “non HEX character” found in HEX or too long number (number of digits> 511)
159 String-constant has more than 65534 characters
160 Function definition is unacceptable here
161 Unexpected end of program
162 Forward declaration is prohibited for structures
163 Function with this name is already defined and has another return type
164 Function with this name is already defined and has a different set of parameters
165 Function with this name is already defined and implemented
166 Function overload for this call was not found
167 Function with a return value of void type cannot return a value
168 Function is not defined
170 Value is expected
171 In case expression only integer constants are valid
172 The value of case in this switch is already used
173 Integer is expected
174 In #import expression file name is expected
175 Expressions are not allowed on global level
176 Omitted parenthesis “)” before “;”
177 To the left of equality sign a variable is expected
178 The result of expression is not used
179 Declaring of variables is not allowed in case
180 Implicit conversion from a string to a number
181 Implicit conversion of a number to a string
182 Ambiguous call of an overloaded function (several overloads fit)
183 Illegal else without proper if
184 Invalid case or default without a switch
185 Inappropriate use of ellipsis
186 The initializing sequence has more elements than the initialized variable
187 A constant for case expected
188 A constant expression required
189 A constant variable cannot be changed
190 Closing bracket or a comma is expected (declaring array member)
191 Enumerator identifier already defined
192 Enumeration cannot have access modifiers (const, extern, static)
193 Enumeration member already declared with a different value
194 There is a variable defined with the same name
195 There is a structure defined with the same name
196 Name of enumeration member expected
197 Integer expression expected
198 Division by zero in constant expression
199 Wrong number of parameters in the function
200 Parameter by reference must be a variable
201 Variable of the same type to pass by reference expected
202 A constant variable cannot be passed by a non-constant reference
203 Requires a positive integer constant
204 Failed to access protected class member
205 Import already defined in another way
208 Executable file not created
209 ‘OnCalculate’ entry point not found for the indicator
210 The continue operation can be used only inside a loop
211 Error accessing private (closed) class member
213 Method of structure or class is not declared
214 Error accessing private (closed) class method
216 Copying of structures with objects is not allowed
218 Index out of array range
219 Array initialization in structure or class declaration not allowed
220 Class constructor cannot have parameters
221 Class destructor can not have parameters
222 Class method or structure with the same name and parameters have already been declared
223 Operand expected
224 Class method or structure with the same name exists, but with different parameters (declaration!=implementation)
225 Imported function is not described
226 ZeroMemory() is not allowed for objects with protected members or inheritance
227 Ambiguous call of the overloaded function (exact match of parameters for several overloads)
228 Variable name expected
229 A reference cannot be declared in this place
230 Already used as the enumeration name
232 Class or structure expected
235 Cannot call ‘delete’ operator to delete the array
236 Operator ‘ while’ expected
237 Operator ‘delete’ must have a pointer
238 There is ‘default’ for this ‘switch’ already
239 Syntax error
240 Escape-sequence can occur only in strings (starts with ‘\’)
241 Array required – square bracket ‘[‘ does not apply to an array, or non arrays are passed as array parameters
242 Can not be initialized through the initialization sequence
243 Import is not defined
244 Optimizer error on the syntactic tree
245 Declared too many structures (try to simplify the program)
246 Conversion of the parameter is not allowed
247 Incorrect use of the ‘delete’ operator
248 It’s not allowed to declare a pointer to a reference
249 It’s not allowed to declare a reference to a reference
250 It’s not allowed to declare a pointer to a pointer
251 Structure declaration in the list of parameter is not allowed
252 Invalid operation of typecasting
253 A pointer can be declared only for a class or structure
256 Undeclared identifier
257 Executable code optimizer error
258 Executable code generation error
260 Invalid expression for the ‘switch’ operator
261 Pool of string constants overfilled, simplify program
262 Cannot convert to enumeration
263 Do not use ‘virtual’ for data (members of a class or structure)
264 Cannot call protected method of class
265 Overridden virtual functions return a different type
266 Class cannot be inherited from a structure
267 Structure cannot be inherited from a class
268 Constructor cannot be virtual (virtual specifier is not allowed)
269 Method of structure cannot be virtual
270 Function must have a body
271 Overloading of system functions (terminal functions) is prohibited
272 Const specifier is invalid for functions that are not members of a class or structure
274 Not allowed to change class members in constant method
276 Inappropriate initialization sequence
277 Missed default value for the parameter (specific declaration of default parameters)
278 Overriding the default parameter (different values in declaration and implementation)
279 Not allowed to call non-constant method for a constant object
280 An object is necessary for accessing members (a dot for a non class/structure is set)
281 The name of an already declared structure cannot be used in declaration
284 Unauthorized conversion (at closed inheritance)
285 Structures and arrays cannot be used as input variables
286 Const specifier is not valid for constructor/destructor
287 Incorrect string expression for a datetime
288 Unknown property (#property)
289 Incorrect value of a property
290 Invalid index for a property in #property
291 Call parameter omitted –
293 Object must be passed by reference
294 Array must be passed by reference
295 Function was declared as exportable
296 Function was not declared as exportable
297 It is prohibited to export imported function
298 Imported function cannot have this parameter (prohibited to pass a pointer, class or structure containing a dynamic array, pointer, class, etc.)
299 Must be a class
300 #import was not closed
302 Type mismatch
303 Extern variable is already initialized
304 No exported function or entry point found
305 Explicit constructor call is not allowed
306 Method was declared as constant
307 Method was not declared as constant
308 Incorrect size of the resource file
309 Incorrect resource name
310 Resource file opening error
311 Resource file reading error
312 Unknown resource type
313 Incorrect path to the resource file
314 The specified resource name is already used
315 Argument expected for the function-like macro
316 Unexpected symbol in macro definition
317 Error in formal parameters of the macro
318 Invalid number of parameters for a macro
319 Too many parameters for a macro
320 Too complex, simplify the macro
321 Parameter for EnumToString() can be only an enumeration
322 The resource name is too long
323 Unsupported image format (only BMP with 24 or 32 bit color depth is supported)
324 An array cannot be declared in operator
325 The function can be declared only in the global scope
326 The declaration is not allowed for the current scope
327 Initialization of static variables with the values of local variables is not allowed
328 Illegal declaration of an array of objects that do not have a default constructor
329 Initialization list allowed only for constructors
330 No function definition after initialization list
331 Initialization list is empty
332 Array initialization in a constructor is not allowed
333 Initializing members of a parent class in the initialization list is not allowed
334 Expression of the integer type expected
335 Memory required for the array exceeds the maximum value
336 Memory required for the structure exceeds the maximum value
337 Memory required for the variables declared on the global level exceeds the maximum value
338 Memory required for local variables exceeds the maximum value
339 Constructor not defined
340 Invalid name of the icon file
341 Could not open the icon file at the specified path
342 The icon file is incorrect and is not of the ICO format
343 Reinitialization of a member in a class/structure constructor using the initialization list
344 Initialization of static members in the constructor initialization list is not allowed
345 Initialization of a non-static member of a class/structure on a global level is not allowed
346 The name of the class/structure method matches the name of an earlier declared member
347 The name of the class/structure member matches the name of an earlier declared method
348 Virtual function cannot be declared as static
349 The const modifier is not allowed for static functions
350 Constructor or destructor cannot be static
351 Non-static member/method of a class or a structure cannot be accessed from a static function
352 An overload operation (+,-,[],++,– etc.) is expected after the operator keyword
353 Not all operations can be overloaded in MQL4
354 Definition does not match declaration
355 An invalid number of parameters is specified for the operator
356 Event handling function not found
357 Method cannot be exported
358 A pointer to the constant object cannot be normalized by a non-constant object
359 Class templates are not supported yet
360 Function template overload is not supported yet
361 Function template cannot be applied
362 Ambiguous parameter in function template (several parameter types can be applied)
363 Unable to determine the parameter type, by which the function template argument should be normalized
364 Incorrect number of parameters in the function template
365 Function template cannot be virtual
366 Function templates cannot be exported
367 Function templates cannot be imported
368 Structures containing the objects are not allowed
369 String arrays and structures containing the objects are not allowed
370 A static class/structure member must be explicitly initialized
371 Compiler limitation: the string cannot contain more than 65 535 characters
372 Inconsistent #ifdef/#endif
373 Object of class cannot be returned, copy constructor not found
374 Non-static members and methods cannot be used
375 OnTesterInit() impossible to use without OnTesterDeinit()
376 Redefinition of formal parameter ‘%s’
377 Macro __FUNCSIG__ and __FUNCTION__ cannot appear outside of a function body
378 Invalid returned type. For example, this error will be produced for functions imported from DLL that return structure or pointer.
379 Template usage error
380 Not used
381 Illegal syntax when declaring pure virtual function, only “=NULL” or “=0” are allowed
382 Only virtual functions can be declared with the pure-specifier (“=NULL” or “=0”)
383 Abstract class cannot be instantiated
384 A pointer to a user-defined type should be applied as a target type for dynamic casting using the dynamic_cast operator
385 “Pointer to function” type is expected
386 Pointers to methods are not supported
387 Error — cannot define the type of a pointer to function
388 Type cast is not available due to private inheritance
389 A variable with const modifier should be initialized during declaration